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ND Art Export was born in the handicraft hub of India, Jodhpur in 2017, with a vision to provide quality furniture all over the world. Our business has taken on a mission to make the world a better place to live in. Our beliefs are simple – a team that works together to provide all our customers with the best products at the best price. We understand the value of good furniture and the impact of its presence. Be it your Home, Office, Cafe, Restaurant, Bar or anywhere else, we work hard to make the best of every space!

We have been manufacturing these industrial items since 2010. Post-2017, we started our own complete process unit and started exporting items globally. With over 1800 products, we are now dealing with all types of materials. Our furniture products range from Wooden, Metal, Leather, Fabric, PU Leather, Reclaimed Wood, Old Wood etc

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One of our newest products are the collection of modern loft styles. Homes, restaurants and offices, there can always be a One of our newest products is the collection of modern loft styles. It may seem like an old school idea, but lofts can be one of the best designs when there is a lack of space. There are different types of furniture you could choose from – loft beds, loft bookcases, loft shelves, loft office drawers and so much more.

The greatest advantage of lofts is you can manage to find a lot of space in little boxes. Usually available in two or three tiers, these can be metallic or wooden. At ND Art Exports, we allow customisation of all kinds of lofts for your home, office or any other space for your benefit.